My Story

I have several years of experience working in a business/industrial setting.  Small businesses and professionals hire me as their virtual assistant to work on the admin pieces of their business, such as newsletters, client management, and blog posts.  I live in South Central Kentucky with my husband, Jay, and our three sons.  We also have a daughter who lives in Maryland with her husband and baby girl.

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Here’s My Story:

I started my business career as a secretary/receptionist.  I did very well in this position and moved to other secretarial jobs, taking classes to improve my skills, eventually working as secretary to the VP of the company.  Over time, due to my performance and attention to detail, I was offered other jobs, such as materials and production scheduler and then quality engineer.  These positions required me to adapt and learn. 

When my husband and I started a family, we made the decision that I would stay at home and homeschool.  We had four children over the course of six years.  Those years of raising our family were very busy ones and required me to extend myself and grow in ways that I had not anticipated.

I was always looking for ways to supplement my husband’s income, from selling used clothing and books online to performing data entry for a small local company.  I was asked to do the admin work for a small umbrella school in Tennessee that was a ministry of our church, taking care of enrollments, administering standardized tests, and communicating with local public school districts. 

In 2019, I started teaching Chinese children how to speak English.  This online position was a great fit at the time because my working hours were in the early morning before my children were up.  Due to regulation changes in China in late 2021, that position was no longer a viable option for me, and I began looking for another career path that would provide an income but was also flexible.  By this time, my children were almost all grown, but now I needed the flexibility to take my parents to doctor appointments. I heard about being a virtual assistant from another online teacher who was also losing her job, and, after learning more about it, I decided this was the path for me!  I have taken classes to update my skills and have learned how to be a great virtual assistant.  Being a VA uses skills that I have developed throughout every stage of my life but also new skills, too!