A Mentor is a Valuable Resource

Photo Credit to Abby Savage on Unsplash

I was watching my husband teach our youngest son how to chop wood yesterday. I didn’t know that there was a technique to it. It isn’t just swinging an axe!

My husband showed him how to place the piece of wood and what to look for when deciding where to strike it. He demonstrated to him how to physically swing the axe in order to get the most benefit for his effort.

Our son learned the next step to take if the wood didn’t break as desired. He heard alternatives from his father.

He learned what my husband had learned from his father, our son’s grandfather, when he was a young man himself and things he had discovered over his years of chopping wood.

I had no idea!

It reminded me about the importance of having a mentor to help you in your business. This person might be called a coach.

Your mentor can share with you how to get started when you are brand new in the business. What those things are will vary depending upon the business, but the importance of leaning on someone with that knowledge cannot be overestimated.

Your teacher has been there before! The challenges you face, the “first time” things that you need to accomplish. These are things that your mentor can help you with.

As you build your business, your coach can continue advising you based on experience.

I am grateful for my mentor who has been available to answer questions and guide me along the way. I’ve learned new skills and sharpened old ones. I know that I can turn to her for advice when needed.

What about you? Have you worked with a mentor, a coach, who has helped you see the next step you need to take? Or maybe you’re in a position where you really need to work with someone. I’d love to hear your experiences.

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