Deciding is One Thing. Doing is Another.

I recently heard a quote attributed to Vance Havner, a well-known preacher from the twentieth century, that I thought was striking.

“Deciding is one thing. Doing is another.”

He used it in a spiritual context, but it is applicable to many other areas of life!

Deciding is important. We DECIDE on a career. We DECIDE to take a class. We DECIDE to learn a sport. We DECIDE to develop a new skill.

But deciding is only the first step.

If deciding is all we do, but we don’t DO – we don’t act on it – all the decisions in the world – without DOING – will leave us right where we are.

It is in taking the next step that we grow and reach and expand. It is in the DOING that we accomplish what we set out to accomplish.

So, take the class. Learn the new skill. Practice. Do the hard work. Get the grade.

It is in the DOING that we achieve.

Will the DOING always give us the results we want? No, not always. But one thing is for sure. If we don’t act on our decisions, we definitely will NOT achieve what we want.

So, DECIDE. What do you want? How will you get there?

Then – take the next step.

DO it.

“Deciding is one thing. Doing is another.”

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