Filling the Gaps When Things Get Slow

Here’s what I recommend to take deliberate steps to improve things in your business:

1. Examine your business from the outside in. Listen 👂 to your outgoing voicemail message – is it friendly and clear? Look 👀 at your email signature – is your phone number included? When was the last time you read your website homepage?

2. Check out your LinkedIn profile. Make sure your profile picture is a professional head shot 📸 and that it’s up to date. Ask for those recommendations you’ve been thinking about.

3. Post past content. If you’ve got past newsletters that are not yet up on your website as well, take steps to add them now.

4. Clean up “tolerations.” You know those annoying 🙄 little things that you are still putting up with? Take the time now to handle these little annoyances.

5. Organize your desk. Take everything off (yes, everything😮❕), clean 🧼 it thoroughly, and only add back what you need.

6. Review your finances. Why wait until tax time 💲 to organize your expenses? Bring them up to date now.

7. Plan your next big project. What are you waiting for? Jump in!

For people who are used to being at capacity, a little downtime can be disorienting. So, yes, make sure you relax. But when you’re ready to jump back in, take advantage of the opportunity to take your business to the next level.

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