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If I visited your office right now, would I find sticky notes on your desk or in a drawer ready for quick retrieval? I don’t know of anyone who has never used sticky notes. They are everywhere!

We use Sticky Notes, or Post It Notes, to remind ourselves of something or to jot a quick note. They are available in several sizes and colors.

The Sticky Notes app is on Windows computers💻 by default. If you have a MAC, you can use an app called Stickies. I’m going to focus on Sticky Notes 🗇 for Windows.

The Sticky Notes app can be found by typing “Sticky Notes” in the search bar. These Sticky Notes can be used in the same way as the paper notes, but they are on your screen. They can even be color coded if that is a help to you.

Like other apps, if you click on the icon in your taskbar, your notes will be immediately minimized. Clicking again on the icon will open them back up to where you had them.

The app has a list of your notes 🗊, and you can choose which ones you want to have open by right-clicking the icon. When you no longer need a note, you can delete it.

As you use Sticky Notes, you’ll find it has even more capability!

Sticky Notes is a simple little app that has many uses! Check it out ✅! It’s an easy way to help you stay organized and productive.

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