Why Should You Conduct Polls in Zoom Meetings?

Photo credit Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

As I continue to work with different software programs, I discover more about their functionality, and I sometimes share those discoveries with you! Today, I am sharing about doing polls in Zoom and why we might want to do that.

In today’s digital world, participating in virtual meetings has become an integral part of our daily business lives. Did you know that you can conduct polls while in a Zoom meeting?

  1. Polls allow you, the host, to obtain instant feedback from attendees rather than waiting until the meeting is over and hoping they respond to your email.
  2. Polls can make the meeting more interactive so that it is not just a one-way session. This gives the attendees an opportunity to be more involved in the conference and break up the monotony.
  3. Polls help you create a more engaging experience for the attendees by encouraging active participation. People who might be a little hesitant to speak up may be more willing to click an answer to a poll question.

Conducting polls in your meetings can be a powerful tool to engage participants and facilitate effective decision-making. The availability of polls will depend upon the Zoom plan you have.

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