Connecting Your Notes to Your Meetings

When we are in meetings, we often have notes that we would like to have easy access to.

If you are using Google Calendar, it is a simple thing to have your notes in Google Keep and access them during your meeting.

  1. Go to your meeting in your Google calendar.
  2. Click on the yellow “Keep” icon 💡 at the top of the far right side of your screen.
  3. Your Google Keep notes will open up. Click on “add a note.” When you do this, you are making a link to the meeting itself in Google Calendar. 🤩 You will see a link at the bottom of your note to the Google Calendar event. When you click on that link, it will take you directly to the event.
  4. Any time you open Google Keep while in the meeting in Google Calendar, the notes for that meeting will come to the top of all your notes.
  5. You will be able to access your notes in Google Keep when not in Google Calendar, so you can make changes to your notes when on another device. When you go to Calendar again, your amended notes will be what you see. 👍
  6. The notes you make in Google Keep are not visible to other meeting attendees. But be aware that if you subscribe to Google Workspace, you may add meeting notes, and these notes ARE visible. 😮 This is a good place to put the meeting agenda and any other notes that you want all the attendees to see.

Google Calendar is a powerful tool for your business! Using Google Keep to connect your notes to your event is an effective system to get the most out of your meeting time. 💯

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