High School Jobs

Teens often have jobs while they are in high school. This gives them the opportunity to earn a little spending money 💵, maybe even buy their own clothes👚. When they get a car, they can pay for their own expenses. Did you have a job in high school? What was it? What did you learn there?

I worked for a short time at a fast food restaurant 🍔, taking orders and delivering customer service. If I told you the restaurant, it would seriously date me because it doesn’t exist any more! Along with many teenage girls, I had babysitting 👶 jobs and cleaned houses 🧹. These jobs taught me responsibility. I learned to show up on time ⌚ and do my assigned tasks.

I had one other job my senior year of high school and freshman year of college. This was the job I enjoyed the most! Any idea what it was? If you think you know, hit reply and tell me what you think it was. 🙋 I would also love to hear what jobs you had in high school.

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