Find Peace by Taking Action to Address What Annoys You

Photo Credit Dose Media on Unsplash

Have you ever had a situation where you keep saying that something needs to be taken care of, but it seldom is? I have this right now. It is something that I really can’t do. I finally decided that I would spend a little money to take care of it.

The peace it will give me of knowing that it is done is so much better than being annoyed!

It’s like that in business, too!

Maybe there’s a certain task that you dislike doing. Every time you do it, you can feel the annoyance rising up. It may be a small thing, but you would be better off addressing it. Either do it yourself or delegate it to someone else.

  1. Identify the pain points – What exactly is it that is causing you irritation?
  2. Implement streamlined solutions – What must be done to address the issue?
  3. Identify who will do it – Will you do it yourself, or will you delegate it? Delegating to a trusted colleague or virtual assistant will free you up to focus on things that will move your business forward.

Imagine the pleasure you will feel to know that task is taken care of!

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