What Contributions Are Made by Support Providers?

Photo Credit Shonda Ranson on Pixabay

We celebrated Veterans Day in November here in the United States. Our church had a recognition service for the veterans in attendance. We had veterans from every time period from the Korean War to the present. My dad is 91 years old, and I slowly escorted him to the front where, with a frail voice, he stated his name and that he was proud to serve in the Navy. I was proud of him, proud of his service, and proud that he was willing to step out in front of a lot of people that he didn’t know to be recognized as a veteran.

My role was miniscule. I acted purely as a support person for my dad. The focus of the event was on the veterans.

It occurred to me that my position as a virtual assistant is similar in some ways. I am a support person for the small business owners and entrepreneurs with whom I work. The focus of their businesses, their driving force, is them! I play a role that helps keep them moving forward.

A good support person, whether someone hired to work in an office or virtually, performs many tasks that contribute to the well-being and efficiency of a business. They can provide the following:

  1. Administrative efficiency by managing calendars, appointments, and correspondence.
  2. Resource coordination through facilitating communication and collaboration.
  3. Problem resolution by addressing challenges and streamlining workflows.
  4. An information hub, serving as a central point for essential data and updates.

These individuals provide meaningful reinforcement to the business owner, allowing them to focus on their objectives.

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